Chad and Karen

  Pro Star Custom Music was a natural evolution for us, combining my extensive background in computer and network repair with my passion for creating digital music. My name is Chad Sanders, and alongside my wife, Karen Sanders, we have built a robust team dedicated to delivering high-quality, original music that captivates and resonates with audiences.

Our Journey
I started my career with CS Computer Repair LLC, serving Arab, Alabama, and the surrounding areas with top-notch computer and network repair services. This technical foundation seamlessly transitioned into the world of digital media and music creation. Leveraging my technical expertise, I ventured into the creation of radio ads and jingles, which laid the groundwork for what would become Pro Star Music.

Chad Sanders


Building and Creating through Digital Creation Media Standards (

  As the creator of Pro Star Radio (, the #1 listened-to online Christian radio station in Marshall County, Alabama, I have gained invaluable experience in online media creation, advertising, and technical know-how. This journey also involved hosting services for Fun Radio, WAFN and WRAB 107.1FM, and WTNK 93.5 FM in Tennessee. These experiences highlighted the need for a dedicated Christian radio station, allowing us to fill a unique niche in our community without stepping on the toes of other genres.

Why Choose Us?
  When you choose Pro Star Music, you are choosing a team committed to quality, originality, and customer satisfaction. Our process is designed to be simple yet effective.

  You provide your preferences—whether it's the genre, style, or specific lyrics—and we handle the rest. We offer collaboration and creative freedom, ensuring that the final product meets your vision and exceeds your expectations.

The Team

Our Team
Chad "Star" Sanders
Owner & CEO

Karen Sanders
Supportive Team Member and Co-Creator

Our team of experienced musicians and composers is dedicated to delivering music that not only meets but surpasses your expectations. We believe in the power of collaboration and value your input at every step of the process.

Our Services
At Pro Star Custom Music, we offer a range of custom music services, including:

Custom "DONUT" Style Ads: Perfect for radio commercials.
Full-Length Songs: For any occasion, tailored to your preferences.
Jingles: For businesses, schools, and events.

Personalized Tracks: Unique music for special events and personal milestones.

Whether you have specific ideas or prefer to give us creative freedom, we work closely with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Plus, you receive two versions of each track to give you options and ensure your satisfaction.

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